Syntheism unexplained


After watching Alexander Bards TEDx talk on “syntheism” I couldn’t shake the feeling having listened to a string of beautifully elegant non-sequiturs held together by the pure will of Alexander to fill already burdened words with even more baggage. I have to admit that it left me no wiser on the concepts he was trying to explain, yet it gave me an uneasy feeling that I was expected to find his conclusions very profound.

Maybe the whole thing is just incredibly meta and his talk is actually a representation of the void he described as a god, then getting it published on the internet is another god and, I guess, the pantheistic god sorta becomes the video as the video is a part of everything. I’m not making this to mock Alexander, but in all honesty to explain why it didn’t make sense, at least in any useful way. Then again, if the talk leads us towards this “perfect society” we all should be dreaming of, he can clearly and honestly claim to be a prophet of his very own four-deity, polytheistic religion, and as they say, that ain’t hay. ;)

Leave comments or discuss below. If you ask me to I might redo or clarify the graph. All steps are as usual numbered for ease of reference.


2 thoughts on “Syntheism unexplained

  1. Allallt – God is “all the dreams of every one of us.. all the dreams and fantasies, all the hopes and visions” projected into one spot.

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