Free Will


Free Willjpg

The free will argument means pretty much a different thing to everyone who claims to believe there is a free will. While non believers in the concept as well as compatibalists will opt to simply define the concept as “that feeling of free will we seem to all have”.

The religious will usually come with a cop out of the “self” not being limited to the experiencing conscious self, but rather a dialog between that self and a soul – a homunculus “atomic” controlling entity – to which we are “slaves”. This does about the same thing to the actual argument as inserting quantum randomness or an invisible puppet master. It only detracts from the self but adds nothing new that can be included in what we can understand as a self.

I would of course like to know if there are any aspects I did not cover in this graph. So let me know and I will incorporate it and expand the graph accordingly.

Thank you.


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