Since forever religious people have been stumbling all over their arguments when trying to square this circle. Still to this day there isn’t a single comprehensive, consistent argument to this that doesn’t end with the god either being incompetent or malicious.

This argument does not deal with humans or animals doing harm to one and other but only with the apparent needless suffering due to natural disasters, disease, drought caused famine, naturally occurring birth defects etc.

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Problem of evil


So here’s the deal, according to some there is one good and one evil entity. You’ve only ever heard from one of them and it claims to be the good one. Also it’s given you a book to prove his point. To underscore why you have to believe it, it claims it cannot lie, but it also also claims it is able to do anything.

How do you go about finding out if it is really the good entity you heard from?

Is your god good?